A fully customizable and fully automated dock scheduling system

C3 Reservations online suite of tools streamlines the dock appointment scheduling process by:

  • Working for you – online – 24/7
  • Synchronizing appointment requests with dock availability
  • Applying customized constraints and rules
  • Automating communications to all parties involved
  • Measuring the performance of your business and partners
  • Controlling the flow so you’re never short of what you need most
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Because you have challenges

Your dock is a mess

Carriers are more concerned with booking convenient times than keeping your warehouse in order.

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  • Trailers show up randomly, regardless of their appointment times
  • Your dock is overloaded with labor intensive load types and commodities
  • You don't have the data to accurately calculate unload durations
You have no visibility

Not only is the Scheduling information you have limited and unreliable, it's not shared or accessible across your enterprise.

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  • You don't have reports
  • You can't see what's coming
  • You don't have visibility on what is happening
  • You can't track what happened
  • You don't have the big picture
  • Other departments are oblivious of your operations
  • Purchasing is unaware of the warehouse capacity
  • You have no visibility on upcoming peaktimes
  • Purchasing and receiving don’t have a common scale to evaluate suppliers
  • Your systems are not integrated
You pay too much

Some days you're overstaffed, other days you pay overtime, but you can count on your carriers to charge you demurrage every day.

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  • You pay for overtime or you are overstaffed
  • You pay for demurrage
  • You can no longer afford spending that much time & money managing your schedule
You have strained relations with carriers & suppliers

You can't offer your carriers what they want and they don't provide you with what you need.

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  • Carriers are not able to deal with your appointment desk’s limited availability
  • You cannot guarantee an even response time
  • You can't accommodate everyone's special requests
  • Unfortunately, drivers often have to wait
  • You treat good and bad carriers equaly
  • You can't always respect the appointment times you give out
  • You can't measure your carriers and suppliers
  • There are no incentives to be compliant
  • You don't provide compliance feedback and if you do, it's not timely
You’re flooded with calls and emails

You're managing your schedule with time-consuming calls and emails.

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  • All your appointments are managed over the phone or by email
  • One appointment = multiple communications
  • Last minutes changes are commonplace
  • You're the central source of information for internal enquiries

Manage Your Priorities

C3 Reservations ensures that all appointments respect your operations' constraints, priorities and service levels.

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You Decide Who Sees What in Real-Time, All the Time

C3 Reservations monitors and measures your operation with real-time dashboards, score-cards and reports.

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Maximize Your Resources

C3 Reservations' capacity model balances your dock workload so you can accurately plan your labor and equipment needs

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Respect your Partners - Save Time and Money

C3 Reservations' self-serve portal provides your carriers with the flexibility they want while compliance and score-carding ensure they respect the standards of your operations.

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Unchain Your Scheduling Team

C3 Reservations is a web-based scheduling system, available 24/7 that automates communication between all parties.

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It's all part of our simple 4-step process

We've got you covered


Build constraints and rules against shipment attributes in order to respect your warehouse priorities. Establish a plan for each facility to determine who can deliver what, where, and when.


Easily configurable custom shift templates to automatically manage the appointment requests, amendments and exceptions.


Automate communication at all levels; by allowing suppliers/carriers/customers to request appointments via the web portal, event triggered email confirmations and real-time communication with other information systems.


Monitor and improve your operations with real-time dashboards, scorecards and reports that help you enforce compliance and accountability.

What others

Are saying about C3 Solutions

We had several key criteria during our evaluation, the product needed to be easy to use for both our staff and our carriers and it needed to be easy to implement since we had limited IT resources at our disposal. With our implementation of C3's dock scheduling system, we have improved our goods receiving efficiency by 50%
C3 Reservations was a true turnkey solution, requiring no IT involvement from our side, and C3’s implementation team made it easy for us to get started right away. We also greatly appreciate their continued support in adapting C3 Reservations to our evolving needs.



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