A Yard Management Solution that will streamline, optimize and automate your yard activity

C3 Yard suite of tools empowers yard managers by:

  • Working for you – online – 24/7
  • Providing visibility on both yard assets and shipments
  • Increasing gate throughput
  • Dramatically increasing the productivity of yard drivers and dock workers
  • Reducing dock congestion and optimizing door utilization
  • Reducing detention costs
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Because you have challenges

You have no visibility

Despite your efforts to maintain a yard inventory and track your activities, you can never rely on complete, accurate and up to date information.

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  • You don't have reports
  • You can't see what's coming
  • You don't have visibility on what is happening
  • You can't track what happened
  • You loose trailers and search for product
  • You don't have the big picture
  • Your systems are not integrated
Your yard is a cost center

When you look at how much your yard operations cost you, you realize that you can no longer afford the status quo.

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  • You pay trailer and driver detention
  • You probably have too many yard drivers
  • You get charged for late outbound loads
  • Your staff wastes time compiling logs and reports
  • Your shunter fuel and maintenance costs are continously increasing
  • Your trailer lease budget is out of control
  • You constantly lack onsite parking and need to rent space
  • You pay overtime dock labor due to yard ineficiencies
  • Your production line is delayed because of receiving process issues
Your yard operations are far from being optimal

You don’t know where to begin to improve yard jockey productivity.

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  • Your yard movements are innefficient
  • Your yard is managed by your yard jockeys
  • Yard jockey productivity is not measured
  • The yard driver workload is not well balanced and does not take into account the global business priorities
  • You need to dedicate too many drivers to specific areas - which can't be efficient
  • Your yard drivers' day is a series of peaks and lows
  • You hate watching your jockeys drive bobtail
  • Your dispatchers are hostage of the 2-way radios
Your yard is a mess

You are constantly in a reactive mode addressing emergencies and finding temporary fixes to make up for the chronic chaos in your yard.

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  • You have no structured parking rules
  • You don't have centralized control over your assets and priorities
  • Your overwhelmed by the number of different spreadsheets being filled out
  • Your constantly compensating for human errors
  • You don't have realtime system updates
  • Your door turnaround time is uneven
  • You loose trailers too often
  • Your yard is congested
Your gate is a bottleneck

As it is the first point of entry of a yard, the gate efficiency is crucial. Unfortunately when you look at your gate, you see a line-up of... problems.

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  • You constantly have to manage gate congestion
  • Your guards spend hours filling out spreadsheets and paperwork (yet somehow you can never find the information when needed)
  • You have to rely on 3rd parties security personnel
  • You track seals manually: it's time consuming and unreliable
  • Your gate issues are impacting your receiving efficiency

Get the information you need

C3 Yard offers real time visibility on yard and dock activity for all your sites and provides reports and dashboards on key performance indicators.

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Invest where it counts

C3 Yard will dramatically increase the productivity of your yard drivers and dock workers and ensure an optimal use of your yard and dock assets.

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Get the Most out of your yard jockeys!

C3 Yard optimizes yard processes through automated task assignment and optimized trailer movements. Every action is recorded and timestamped so you can focus on taking care of your business.

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Everything is now in its place

C3 Yard' s business rule engine brings optimization and automation to your yard operations. Its integration capabilities greatly reduces manual intervention and extends visibility throughout the enterprise.

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Optimize your Gate Process

C3 Yard increases your gate throughput, streamlines driver check-in and supports pre-arrival details and integration to in-cab systems.

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What others

Are saying about C3 Solutions

C3 Yard is an integral part of our control tower initiative. Our strategy required a best of breed yard management system and given C3’s impressive track record they were the natural choice.
Introducing a new system that is used by 200 users and controls over 500 trailer moves a day is risky business. We pride ourselves in managing risk when introducing new technology to the business. C3’s team provided an expertise that was crucial to the success of the C3 Yard system implementation.



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