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A Letter from C3’s President

C3 Solutions Thanks Canadian Clients, Partners, and Employees, Proud to Aid in Supporting the Supply Chain During Times of Crisis

As the current state of affairs continues to unfold, supply chains supporting essential industries are being counted on now more than ever. As one of the world’s leading supply chain logistics software companies, we know we have a critical role in helping many of our clients plan for and deliver vital necessities – like groceries, medical supplies, post and parcels – that facilities, essential businesses, and community members count on a daily basis.

In the Canadian market, our systems manage over 50% of all of the groceries, pharmaceuticals and parcel-post items; in addition to similar activity with organizations around the world. We would like to thank our clients in these essential industries, for their tireless work and dedication in maintaining our communities


“A large part of our customer base operates in essential industries such as food & grocery, pharmaceuticals & medical, and parcel-post. As we continue assisting them in adjusting to heightened volumes and new challenges, we’d like to thank them for their invaluable work in supporting our communities through these exceptional times.”

Nicholas Couture
President & Founding Partner


We are witnessing, first hand, the efforts our customers are making to not only quickly adapt their operations to constantly changing and unpredictable scenarios, but also to keep all of their employees safe and healthy during these difficult times.

We would also like to thank our employees, who have all been working remotely since March 12th, for their hard work and dedication. We have been working diligently alongside our customers to adjust our system’s configuration to properly support their operations through the development of new processes, visibility requirements and risk mitigation.

For the last 20 years, C3 Solutions has dedicated its efforts to elevating and supporting operations through tailor-made and powerful Yard (YMS) & Dock Management technological platforms.