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C3 Yard Drives Efficiency Through Enhanced Yard Management, Helping Businesses Eliminate Transportation Waste

Yard Management remains one of the worst performing links of many supply chains, but an analysis by C3 Solutions has identified extensive opportunities for improved efficiency and cost savings. 

An analysis of businesses that use C3 Yard, a web-based yard management system (YMS) has identified attainable efficiencies and cost savings for shippers that operate their own fleets, and 3PLs that operate their own fleets and warehouses. The findings, released by C3 this week, show logistics managers how C3’s software can drive efficiencies through better yard management, as businesses struggle to keep transportation costs under control. 

While yard management is often an afterthought for logistics companies, operations at this supply chain juncture impact performance across the business world. Proper management of vehicles, space, and inventory-in-transit is proven to enhance operations across the supply chain, such as inventory management, transportation and product costs, and depreciation-related losses. As supply chains come under increasing scrutiny, C3’s results are of particular importance.

Using C3 Yard, companies attained the following operational improvements:

  • Customers saw an average 30% reduction in shunter tasks & movements (including the related fuel, tire usage and repair & maintenance).
  • Customers gained full, multi-site inventory control of all yard vehicles — in both real-time and retrospective movement history.
  • Customers eliminated “lost trailer” scenarios, resulting in 10-15% increase in trailer utilization.
  • Customers saw a 50% improvement of gate-in and gate-out times, with associated reductions in queuing.
  • Customers experienced up to 25% improvement in bay door utilization, increasing inbound and outbound throughput and trailer turnover.
  • Customers increased their site utilization through optimal trailer parking and tactical trailer-to-door assignment.

Parcel post clients in particular realized gains from C3’s yard management software. C3’s shunter algorithm optimized efficiently at all times, including when customers had dock doors fully covered.

Another performance booster was C3’s fulfilment module, which can pinpoint whether a customer will have enough trailers for the shift before it begins. This accuracy meant that no post or parcels ever need to be left at a DC or hub.

“Automation is crucial to the parcel post industry, and no one does it like C3 Solutions,” said (Neil McEvoy, Customer Experience Consultant). “Our automatic workflows ensure that nothing sits longer than it should. It doesn’t matter whether it’s one day, or five days, our software ensures that personnel are alerted to ensure that everything goes out on time.

“Parcel post companies, shippers, and 3PLs have all been searching for new ways to operate more efficiently. The results of this analysis make it very clear where those savings can be realised,” (Greg Braun, Chief Revenue Officer). “C3 represents the most innovative minds in inventory management and dock scheduling, and we’ve done the heavy lifting, and created a solution that puts you in control.” 

C3 Reservations, C3’s Online Dock Scheduling System, streamlines the scheduling process by improving dock productivity, expanding visibility on scheduled appointments and measuring vendor compliance.

C3 Yard, C3’s Web-based Yard Management Solution, empowers yard managers by providing visibility on yard assets, optimizing the flow of trailers from gate to gate and automating yard driver task assignment.


About C3 Solutions

C3 Solutions is an information technology company specialized in yard management (YMS) and dock scheduling (DSS) systems. Since its founding in 2000, C3 has gained clients’ confidence worldwide and across many industries, including retail, grocery, distribution, manufacturing, and parcel post.

C3 is proud to continue providing paperless, automated, and touch-free business solutions to aid in the growing need for global environmental sustainability; and the overall health of our communities, clients, and employees. 

Headquartered in Montreal (QC), Canada and privately owned, C3 is dedicated to developing, implementing and supporting the most complete yard management and dock scheduling products on the market today.