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  • Synchronizing appointment requests with dock availability
  • Applying customized constraints and rules
  • Automating communications to all parties involved
  • Measuring the performance of your business and partners
  • Controlling the flow so you’re never short of what you need most

What is Dock Scheduling?

Dock scheduling (or a Dock Appointment Scheduling system) is a solution that allows distribution center operators to optimize inbound and outbound traffic. It improves dock productivity and door turnaround, expands visibility, eliminates site congestion and automates the appointment booking process with suppliers and carriers via an online portal.

What is C3 Hive?

C3 Hive is an online platform that allows carriers and drivers to provide real-time status updates on deliveries to C3 managed facilities.

In addition, C3 Hive allows for real-time communication with drivers once they have arrived on-site, including driver self check-in and other important instructions related to their on-site tasks.

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