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Integration – Dock Scheduling

  • Can we integrate purchase order information into the system? What format do you support?

    Yes, purchase order information can be integrated into C3 Reservations. C3 allows for the creation, update and deletion of purchase orders by external systems. C3 supports three different means of receiving purchase order information, they are:
    * Web Services
    * XML file transfers to SFTP
    * Flat file transfers to SFTP
    For customers that require a dynamic and seamless integration in C3 Reservations, C3 recommends its Web Services interface.

  • Which type of PO information/data can be sent to C3 via integration?

    C3 Reservations offers a two level PO structure (Header and Line). Typically, the header level would contain generic PO information (PO#, Site, Warehouse, Supplier, etc.) as the line would include specific item information (Product#, Product Description, etc.).

  • Is C3 Reservations compatible with SAP?

    Via its Web Services interface, C3 Reservations is able to be seamlessly integrated into SAP.

  • Can C3 Reservations update our companies business systems?

    Yes, C3 Reservations provides outbound integration to external systems via web services and SFTP file transfers.

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