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C3 Solutions Announces Marc Tomkinson as New Chief Technology Officer

Press release:

[Montreal, May 2023] – C3 Solutions, a leading provider of cloud-based Dock Scheduling and Yard Management systems for the logistics industry, is thrilled to announce the promotion of Marc Tomkinson, the company’s Vice President of Product Development, to the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

As the newly appointed CTO, he will play an instrumental role in shaping and executing C3 Solutions’ product and engineering strategy. Working closely with Nicholas Couture, C3’s CEO, Tomkinson will drive return on investment and ensure alignment between product development, deployment, and operations, while actively participating in the company’s information security program. He will also lead a high-performance team, mentor and guide managers, and actively participate in the C3 management committee.

Tomkinson’s dedication to excellence and innovation is evident in his impressive career at C3 Solutions, which began in 2001, one year after the company was founded. After pursuing studies in Engineering from the prestigious McGill University, he continued to excel in various roles within C3, including Director of Product Innovation and Vice President of Product Development. Over the years, he has successfully managed and worked on numerous projects across various industries, such as grocery, retail, and post and parcel.

Tomkinson is passionate about staying at the forefront of industry developments and trends, which will help C3 Solutions anticipate future directions and seize new opportunities. As the CTO, he will also serve as a key promoter of C3 products and technology, participating in public relations activities, conferences, and discussions with opinion leaders and market analysts.

In his own words, Tomkinson said, At C3 Solutions, we don’t just embrace change – we create it. As C3 Solutions’ new CTO, I’m eager to challenge the supply chain industry’s boundaries and reimagine how businesses connect, collaborate, and thrive in an ever-changing world.

C3 Solutions is confident that Tomkinson’s expertise, vision, and leadership will be invaluable in driving the company’s continued success and innovation in the logistics technology sector.

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C3 Solutions is a leading provider of cloud-based Dock Scheduling and Yard Management systems designed to streamline and optimize logistics operations for businesses worldwide. Established in 2001, C3 Solutions has consistently delivered cutting-edge technology solutions that empower businesses to connect, collaborate, and thrive in an increasingly competitive and rapidly evolving global supply chain landscape.

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