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C3 Solutions Hits Milestone, Reaches Over 1,200 Active Sites and Exceeds 160,000 Users on Dock Scheduling and Yard Management Platforms

As the need for visibility and dynamic operational transparency continues to be a top priority, C3 Solutions – the industry leader in customizable Dock and Yard Management solutions – has reached a company milestone of surpassing 1200 active sites and over 160,000 active software users.

The continued strain on the global supply chain has put many organizations in panic mode. New and long time customers have relied on C3 ability to automate their dock scheduling process, allowing distribution center operators to optimize inbound and outbound traffic, improving dock productivity and door turnaround, expanding visibility, eliminating site congestion and automating the appointment booking process with suppliers and carriers via an online portal.

For those where a fully automated yard management system was necessary, C3’s platform provides visibility on both yard assets and shipments, increasing gate throughput, improving the productivity of yard drivers and dock workers, reducing dock congestion and optimizing door utilization, and reduces detention costs.

Also, through C3’s extended mobile capabilities, integrating paperless and ‘touch-free’ business processes has never been easier. The issue of health and safety of employees has noticeably become a top priority to many of C3’s clients. 

Click here to read C3’s latest White Paper on going paperless; which discusses the various ways in which automated processes will not only help keep your business alive during these uncertain times, but will also reassure your workforce that they are safe while at work.

C3 has recently made the shift to HTML5, launching a Progressive Web Application (PWA), which has greatly improved user experience; making managing business processes easier and more efficient.

C3 Reservations, C3’s Online Dock Scheduling System, streamlines the scheduling process by improving dock productivity, expanding visibility on scheduled appointments and measuring vendor compliance.

C3 Yard, C3’s Web-based Yard Management Solution empowers yard managers by providing visibility on yard assets, optimizing the flow of trailers from gate to gate and automating yard driver task assignment.

C3 Solutions is proud to continue providing paperless, automated, and touch-free business solutions to aid in the growing need for global environmental sustainability; and the overall health of our communities, clients, and employees. 


About C3 Solutions

C3 Solutions is an information technology company specialized in yard management (YMS) and dock scheduling (DSS) systems. Since its founding in 2000, C3 has gained the confidence of clients around the world and across many industries including retail, grocery, distribution, manufacturing and parcel post.

Headquartered in Montreal (QC), Canada and privately owned, C3 is dedicated to developing, implementing and supporting the most complete yard management and dock scheduling products on the market today.