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C3 Solutions Launches its Retail Program, a Targeted Initiative Geared Towards Supporting the New Retail Landscape

Much like most industries today, Retail is going through an operational evolution. The rapid pace of new innovations – coupled with market, consumer, and recent global pressures – have many companies of all sizes wondering not only how they can up their game but also how to stay alive. 

The C3 Solutions Retail Program offers a plan of attack to help industry professionals answer the big question: How to Solve for the New Retail? Like a game of chess, strategy plays a large role in creating strong and optimized operations. Today’s retail leaders know that in order to stay on top of the competition, you must think many moves ahead.

“We’ve not only built a company that has secured one of the leading international positions in the YMS and Dock Scheduling technology space, but we’ve also had the immense pleasure to watch some of our clients globally rise to the top of their game – and of their industries – with the help of our solutions! Our customizable software, coupled with our implementation strategy and best of breed technology is an excellent first step to take in transforming a static operation into a state of the art, best-in-class operation.” – Greg Braun, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, C3 Solutions

Whether it be the sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing, wholesale or straight commerce, the game relies on being able to think many moves ahead. Retail success will likely soon come down to the ability to leverage emerging technologies, such as AI to its best advantage.

 For the last 20 years, C3 Solutions has dedicated its efforts to elevate operations through tailor-made and powerful Yard & Dock Management technological platforms.

More information on what our Retail Program can do for you can be found here:



About C3 Solutions 
C3 Solutions is an information technology company specialized in yard management (YMS) and dock scheduling (DSS) systems. Since its founding in 2000, C3 has gained the confidence of clients around the world and across many industries including retail, grocery, distribution, manufacturing and parcel post.

Headquartered in Montreal (QC), Canada and privately owned, C3 is dedicated to developing, implementing and supporting the most complete yard management and dock scheduling products on the market today.