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  • What is C3 Solutions’ implementation methodology?

    Our Project Team is composed of business specialists who are experts in yard management, dock scheduling and site/warehouse operations. Our business specialists have been dedicated to Yard Management and Dock Scheduling for many years, have visited numerous warehouses and yards and have successfully helped our customers optimize their operations. Our entire implementation process is focused on customizing & adapting the use of C3 Yard based on the customer’s context, needs and requirements. C3 Yard is a highly configurable system that should reflect our customers’ specific processes and requirements. In order to leverage this strength, our implementation team is very attentive to processes and business rules, specific to every customer’s context. In order to ensure a successful implementation, we use our agile methodology called C3 Hub Agile Management Process (CHAMP). It is an iterative and incremental method of managing our projects in a highly flexible and interactive manner. The implementation process of C3 Yard follows a series of sprints, which contains a number of well-defined and documented activities that allow the project to move forward in a productive manner.

  • Which resources, from the C3 team, will be involved in the C3 Yard implementation project.

    * C3 Account Manager: The account manager is responsible for transferring knowledge to the C3 project team once the order form is signed and the project officially starts. The account manager stays involved in the project for review purposes of some deliverables and to ensure the project is always in-line with the financial business case. He is responsible for the long-term relationship with the customer and can be involved when issues must be escalated.

    * C3 Project Manager: The C3 Project manager manages the project throughout the implementation. He provides a short project status after each session to ensure the actions and homework are all listed and assigned. He centralizes project communication with the customer project manager(s) and coordinates the overall C3 team involvment.

    * C3 Business Specialist: The C3 business specialist is involved in almost all the project activities and has a business focus by making sure the solution provided to the client solves the business case and meets the client needs from an operational point of view. He is also in charge of training the super users throughout the implementation.

    * C3 Product Manager: The product manager helps the C3 team with any software implementation challenges.

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