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“System Pricing”

  • How does C3’s pricing model work?

    C3 Yard is a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) and as such simply has two components to its pricing:
    * The one-time implementation fee.
    * There is also an annual subscription fee. The annual subscription fee covers the use of the of the system, its hosting and the support & maintenance. The annual fee is based on the customer’s annual volume of trailers that check-in at the gate.

  • What is your system support and maintenance cost

    The cost of support and maintenance is included within the overall C3 Yard annual fee. All C3 Service Program levels include 24/7 support.

  • Is there an extra fee for a test environment?

    C3 offers four different service programs; bronze, silver, gold & platinum. All of the service programs include at least one test environment except the bronze program, which does not include a test environment. For more information on C3’s service programs contact a C3 sales representative.

  • What is the ROI for a Yard Management System?

    We invite you to refer to a blog article covering specifically this topic:

    Yard Management - Essential ROI Considerations

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