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Implementation – Dock scheduling

  • How much do we need to involve IT? Does the product function without integration?

    C3 Reservations is a hosted solution that is accessible over the internet. Therefore your IT department will not need to purchase any specialized hardware or software and they will not need to administer a new software system. You will access C3 Reservations with a standard web browser. C3 Reservations functions as a standalone system, therefore it functions without integration. There are definite benefits to an integrated solution however these benefits need to be compared to the costs of sending or receiving data to and from C3 Reservations.

  • Can we gradually roll-out the system?

    Yes, and C3 encourages that customers roll out the system at a rhythm that makes sense for their operation. For example, at start-up a customer may decide to have only their largest carrier or supplier use the web portal to begin with. This allows the business to get comfortable with the business processes and make any adjustments before any large scale changes are made. As the process is streamlined other carriers can be gradually be added onto the system.

  • How long does it take to implement C3 Reservations?

    C3 Reservations implementation can be as quick as 3 weeks, depending on the size of operation and the scope of the project.

  • Is there a special training for carriers and vendors?

    The C3 Reservations self-serve external portal has been designed to be a system that does not require any formal training. The carrier/vendor portal utilizes techniques such as software wizards that guide the user through a step by step process. An extensive on-line help is available and C3 will assist the customer in preparing any specific training materials for the carrier or vendor.

  • We are on a tight timeline, is it possible to make sure the system is implemented quickly? What can we do to help speed-up the process?

    When starting a new implementation project, we always make sure to have a dedicated team working with you from day 1, whether you decide to have remote or on-site sessions. Additionally, as soon as the contracts are signed, we will send you our C3 Reservations Scope Document, so you can start gathering relevant information prior to the kick-off to speed up the C3 project deployment configuration.

  • What is C3 Solutions' implementation team approach?

    Our Project Team is composed of business specialists who are experts in yard management, dock scheduling and site/warehouse operations. Our business specialists have been dedicated to Yard Management and Dock Scheduling for many years, have visited numerous warehouses and yards and have successfully helped our customers optimize their operations. Our entire implementation process is focused on customizing & adapting the use of C3 Reservations based on the customer’s context, needs and requirements. C3 Reservations is a highly configurable system that should reflect our customers’ specific processes and requirements. In order to leverage this strength, our implementation team are very attentive to processes and business rules, specific to every customer’s context. In order to ensure a successful implementation, we use our agile methodology called C3 Hub Agile Management Process (CHAMP). It is an iterative and incremental method of managing our projects in a highly flexible and interactive manner. The implementation process of C3 Reservations follows a series of sprints, which contains a number of well defined and documented activities that allow the project to move forward in a productive manner.

  • Is training included in C3 Reservations' implementation activities?

    Based on our methodology, Super Users and Super Trainers are trained throughout the project. Those users have to test and familiarize themselves with the application between each work session. At the end of the project, the users are expected to be knowledgeable and trained on the application. Since the application is configured to your specific requirements, it becomes very intuitive.

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