FAQ – C3 Reservations

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  • Can you describe how your software restricts users from viewing another vendor/carrier booking?

    Every supplier/carrier is set up in C3 Reservations as a distinct company. Users only have access to the bookings and POs associated with their company.

  • What is your disaster recovery stragegy?

    C3 constantly monitors its systems and will use all reasonable efforts to promptly react to any type of incident. C3 has a Business Continuity Plan in place for the Hosting and Processing Environments and has established a detailed Disaster Recovery Plan. SQL servers are in mirroring and we have monitoring tools with alarms to ensure all the data backups are running properly.

  • How does your software manage different user access/security levels?

    Customers can have their own custom Roles with particular sets of permissions to precisely control which group of users can perform what tasks within the system. This applies to both internal and external roles.

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