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System Pricing

  • How do we justify the purchase of the system i.e. what does the system cost?

    There are several ways an operation can justify the cost of the system. Here are some examples of how current C3 Reservations customers have justified the purchase of the system: Radically improving the appointment taking process to gain a 50% reduction in cost. This comes from no more phone calls, no more faxes and no more emails. Increase warehouse productivity. Optimized schedules make the warehouse more efficient, by reducing congestion and optimizing resources. Eliminate driver detention invoices. Make vendors accountable to service level agreements. Some companies have service level agreements with their vendors that entitle them to rebates of 1 to 2% on total purchases if service levels are not respected. We invite you to take 5 minutes to fill our ROI Calculator which will provide with your estimated total yearly savings.
    C3 Reservations ROI Calculator

  • How does C3’s pricing model work?

    C3 Reservations is a software as a service offering (SaaS) and there are two elements to the initial pricing.
    * There is a one time implementation fee. This fee will vary depending on the complexity of the customer’s operation.
    * There is also an annual usage fee. The annual usage fee covers the usage of the system, the hosting and the support and maintenance of the system. The annual usage fee is calculated according to the customer's usage volume.

  • What is your system support and maintenance cost?

    The cost of support and maintenance is included within the overall C3 Reservations annual fee. All C3 Service Program levels include 24/7 support.

  • Is there an extra fee for a test environment?

    C3 offers four different service programs; bronze, silver, gold & platinum. All of the service programs include at least one test environment except the bronze program, which does not include a test environment. For more information on C3’s service programs contact a C3 sales representative.

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