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  • Is C3 Yard a web-based solution?

    C3 Yard is only available as a Software-as-a-Service solution (SaaS). It is hosted in a secure, high-availability data center. C3 is accessible by all users via a web browser and the the dedicated C3 Hub mobile application for shunters and dock supervisors .

  • Can C3 Yard be accessed using mobile applications?

    C3 Yard’s Progressive Web Application allows gate, warehouse and yard personnel to access all relevant C3 Yard functionality on a mobile device. This means that warehouse personnel can easily capture timestamps related to arrival, on dock and departure times. In addition, load exceptions (faults) can be easily documented with the mobile device’s internal camera in real-time.

    Yard drivers can get rid of their radios and notepads. With C3 Yard, they receive clear instructions on a mobile touch-screen device. Using business rules and priority levels set up by yard controllers, C3 Yard constantly analyzes the pool of work in order to assign drivers the most optimal tasks.

  • Can C3 Yard be accessed with any smartphone?

    The C3 Progressive Web Application is compatible with ANY mobile device.

  • Can C3 be accessed through any browser?

    C3 Yard can be used from any modern web browser, on any device.

  • Can I access the system from home?

    Yes, since C3 Yard is a web based application, you just need a computer or mobile device with internet access.

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