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Le dernier livre blanc de C3 Solutions met l’accent sur la façon dont l’évolution du commerce électronique transforme la chaîne d’approvisionnement de l’industrie du transport.

Will your company thrive in spite of the ‘Amazon effect’?
This white paper provides an in-depth perspective on the various industries affected by the e-commerce boom.


C3 Solutions, an information technology company specialized in yard management and dock scheduling systems announces the release of its latest White Paper entitled, The E-commerce Effect: the Modern Supply Chain Disruptor.

E-commerce has become the biggest supply chain disruptor in the 21st century. Whether your organization sells, buys, manufactures or delivers physical products, e-commerce has dramatically changed the way companies business in the past 25 years. And now, as the industry reaches what looks like peak e-commerce, the disruption is intensifying. Many factors are contributing to online selling’s powerful impact, from increased computing power, including artificial intelligence, to robotics, the ubiquity of smartphones, the growing purchasing power of digital natives who prefer to shop online, and the overwhelming domination of one particular retailer.

This paper takes a closer look at how this new e-commerce world is affecting different segments of the supply chain. The paper examines retail, wholesale, manufacturing, parcel delivery, and reverse logistics and answers two fundamental questions:

★ How are these areas affected?
★ And, what organizations can do to adapt and prosper?

“As e-commerce becomes more and more prevalent in today’s world, it continues to impact the transportation supply chain at deeper levels than ever before. Broken links in the chain will result in unhappy customers across the board, which will have an inevitable negative impact on bottom lines. Visibility tools – like the ones C3 offers – will help assure that deadlines are properly met, unforeseen issues are rectified, and solutions are implemented swiftly and smoothly”, states author Gregory Braun, Senior Vice-President, Sales & Marketing.

The White Paper is available for download here.

About C3 Solutions 
C3 Solutions is an information technology company specialized in yard management (YMS) and dock scheduling (DSS) systems. Since its founding in 2000, C3 has gained the confidence of clients around the world and across many industries including retail, grocery, distribution, manufacturing and parcel post.

Headquartered in Montreal (QC), Canada and privately owned, C3 is dedicated to developing, implementing and supporting the most complete yard management and dock scheduling products on the market today.