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C3 Solutions annonce sa nouvelle stratégie de leadership

C3 Solutions – the industry leader in configurable Yard and Dock Management solutions – is proud to announce that Vice President of Operations, Elise Crevier, has been promoted to President effective immediately. 

As C3 Solutions enters a period of significant growth, Nicholas Couture, C3’s Co-Founder and pillar of the technology company’s executive leadership team, has decided to pass the Presidency-torch to Crevier. Instead, Couture will dedicate his time and focus on his role as CEO and lead product visionary.

Couture and Crevier will team up to support multiple new business endeavours – including adding new solutions to the company’s suite of products – with Crevier taking the lead to continue C3’s focus on its explosive internal growth and modernization of business practices.

“Today, C3 is one of the leading globally offered solutions in our space, providing services crucial enough to our client’s financial and operational success to have been considered an essential service during the pandemic. Over the years, we’ve managed to create an incredible team that operates with the same passion as I do, and Elise is no exception. To properly support the rapid growth C3 is currently experiencing – both internally and in our client-base – it was necessary to redefine our leadership structure to reflect the same collaborative mentality C3 drives off. Elise and I see eye-to-eye on the future of our company, and I could not have chosen a better person to co-pilot C3 into its next chapter.” – Nicholas Couture, Co-Founder & CEO, C3 Solutions

As President of C3, Crevier will manage the company’s operations and workforce. She will lead the full customer experience cycle, from marketing to business development to forging long-lasting relationships with C3’s valued customers. Employed by C3 for nearly 18 years, Crevier has experienced the different stages and steadily growing market success of C3’s suite of Yard Management and Dock Scheduling tools. Over the years, she has helped build and support the organization’s reputation for being an exceptional employer with an extremely high employee retention rate.

Some of Crevier’s most notable accomplishments are the development of the company’s strong Marketing capabilities, leading the initiative behind the evolution of the software firm’s core implementation methodologies, the creation of the Customer Success department, and most recently, the headquarter’s entire work-from-home processes; which includes corporate best-practices, employee resources for mental and physical health, and setting up full-scale home offices for all C3 employees.

Crevier launched her career at C3 in 2003 as an HR specialist. She later became a Project Manager on the Implementation team in 2005. For eight years, she helped implement C3 at clients across Canada and the UK, giving her invaluable insight into the industry’s intricacies. In 2013, Crevier began setting her sights on the company’s Marketing endeavours, single-handedly building the department from the ground up. She accepted the position of Vice President of Operations in 2018.

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C3 Yard, C3’s Web-based Yard Management Solution, empowers yard managers by providing visibility on yard assets, optimizing the flow of trailers from gate to gate and automating yard driver task assignment.

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About C3 Solutions

C3 Solutions is an information technology company specialized in yard management (YMS) and dock scheduling (DSS) systems. Since its founding in 2000, C3 has gained clients’ confidence worldwide and across many industries, including retail, grocery, distribution, manufacturing, and parcel post.

C3 is proud to continue providing paperless, automated, and touch-free business solutions to aid in the growing need for global environmental sustainability; and the overall health of our communities, clients, and employees. 

Headquartered in Montreal (QC), Canada and privately owned, C3 is dedicated to developing, implementing and supporting the most complete yard management and dock scheduling products on the market today.