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C3 Solutions’ Latest White Paper Focuses on How Technology is Reshaping the Modern Supply Chain

C3 Solutions, an information technology company specialized in yard management and dock scheduling systems announces the release of its latest White Paper entitled How Technology is Reshaping the Modern Supply Chain.

It’s no secret that tech innovations have become key to the evolution of business processes. Whether born of necessity, to fill a niche need, or developed as a blue-sky invention that business adopts, new technologies power much of the growth and development we see in supply chain operations.


This white paper explores the influence of rapidly evolving technologies that have recently come a long way and will continue to transform the supply chain in the years to come.

”Strategic and tactical employment of these new technologies can result in significant supply chain optimization. Increased visibility, better cost control, better integration within and across businesses, improved planning of demand and networks, better tracking and regulatory compliance—these are just some of the many advantages that can accrue through the adoption of some or all these innovations.’’, states author Gregory Braun, Senior Vice-President, Sales & Marketing.