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Le président de C3 Solutions nommé ” Fournisseur Pros à Connaître ” en 2017 par Supply & Demand Chain Executive

C3 Solutions, a provider of software solutions dedicated to the area of yard management and dock scheduling, is proud to announce that its president, Nicholas Couture, has been named 2017 Provider Pros to Know by Supply & Demand Chain Executive.

Supply & Demand Chain Executive congratulates the 2017 Supply & Demand Chain Executive Pros to Know recipients. The Pros to Know is a listing of exceptional corporate executives at manufacturing and non-manufacturing enterprises who are leading initiatives to help prepare their companies’ supply chains for the significant challenges in the year ahead,” says Ronnie Garrett, editor of Supply & Demand Chain Executive. “We commend recipients for their achievements. Their accomplishments offer a roadmap for other leaders looking to leverage the supply chain for competitive advantage. Their efforts in developing the tools, processes and a knowledge base for supply chain transformation, as well as in promoting new approaches to supply chain enablement, earned these individuals a rightful place in this year’s Pros to Know listing.


Nicholas Couture has been a visionary in yard management and dock scheduling for nearly 17 years. Staying keenly abreast of customer requirements and industry trends, Nicholas strives to close the technology gaps by broadening the functionality of the traditional yard management and dock scheduling software. Beyond automating the manual processes and providing visibility on supply chain operations, he is steering the product development team to address compliance and security issues, industry trends such as same-day delivery in the retail industry, and enhancing communication with complementary systems and peripherals.

“As technology providers, we need to help our customers bridge the technology gaps between their different supply chain information systems. There is no software provider that can do it all. Best-in-class will prevail and the pressure is on us to provide comprehensive APIs to communicate efficiently between all systems in order to eliminate manual or cumbersome data transfer. Not only do all the information systems need to work together in order to maximize the product flow through, they need to push precise information, in real time, to the relevant actors so that managers can make immediate decisions – rather than wait for outdated reports.” Nicholas Couture, President, C3 Solutions.